Who We Are

DeltaTide is a privately-held innovation consulting firm based in Ohio and Pennsylvania. We help companies of all sizes and industries grow their businesses by identifying, developing, and integrating innovative design improvements and new technologies into their products. Our team has diverse backgrounds and broad industry experience, which enables us to identify untapped opportunities and strategically deploy engineered solutions.


What We Do

In a world of widely distributed knowledge, businesses can no longer afford to rely entirely on their own internal resources to research and develop new innovations. Every day, more and more businesses are turning to open innovation to tap new ideas. Open innovation helps businesses uncover new ideas, reduce risk, increase efficiency and leverage scarce resources by combining external capabilities with internal innovation resources. DeltaTide specializes in open innovation and strives to be a globally leading partner in open innovation.


How We Work

DeltaTide approaches open innovation from different angles, which positions us ahead of the “wave”. One division of DeltaTide is devoted to independently researching new scientific and technological advancements, market trends, and areas for improvement in existing products. Our team then analyzes the data to identify business opportunities. We then systematically develop the innovation to a point where the intellectual property is protected and ready for integration through a business partner.

Alternatively, DeltaTide collaborates with business partners to assess their products or services then develop innovative solutions. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company seeking fresh perspective on a product line, a small sized business trying to increase your market share, or an entrepreneur with a new idea, DeltaTide is committed to helping you achieve success. As an open innovation firm, DeltaTide regards confidentiality with the utmost importance. Please contact us to learn more about our services and to discuss partnership opportunities.


Our Team

Robert Turner Joe Cap Ryan Gerber
Robert Turner Joe Cap Ryan Gerber
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