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In 2014 Joe decided it was time to team up again with old college basketball teammates and friends Ryan Gerber and Robert Turner. With a wide variety of engineering experience and a passion for innovation, the three formed DeltaTide.

As Chief IP Officer, Joe develops and implements the intellectual property (IP) strategy for DeltaTide. He manages the IP portfolio and secures property rights for the company. He formulates DeltaTide’s IP portfolio development strategy to ensure alignment with the company’s business priorities.

Joe holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Grove City College. In addition, Joe is a registered Professional Engineer and has had training in leadership, management, and project management. Prior to co-founding DeltaTide, Joe has gained experience as a consulting engineer, where he successfully serves clients in the chemical, mining, power, rubber, plastics, research, institutional, and educational industries. His wide range of experience provides DeltaTide effective strategies to implement their innovations through business partnerships.

Joe and his wife Amelia (Aimey) enjoy spending time with their son, Dean (Dino), who was born in October of 2014. Joe is a former college basketball player who still enjoys playing recreationally, volunteering to coach and watching the Cleveland Cavaliers. In addition to basketball, Joe enjoys vacationing with his family, hiking, golfing, and sharing his homemade limoncello with others.

From Joe’s Desk:

“At DeltaTide, we believe that innovation has made the U.S. the country it is today. Innovation of products and technologies, no matter how large or small, can have a positive impact on society. We pursue that positive impact with relentless passion, creativity and fortitude. Together we can make a difference.”

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