Robert Turner

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In 2014 after working many coffee fueled nights on side projects, Robert decided to the time was right to officially launch DeltaTide with partners Ryan Gerber and Joseph Capotosta.

As Chief Innovation Officer, Robert formulates the innovation strategy to meet DeltaTide’s intellectual property and business strategies. He is also responsible for collaborating with the other business units in discovering, developing and managing new ideas, innovations, and associated intellectual property.

Robert holds a BS in mechanical engineering from Grove City College and MS in mechanical engineer from the University of Pittsburgh. In addition to holding engineering degrees, Robert is cross trained in a variety of other specialties, such as project and risk management, machining, welding, lean six sigma, design for affordability, logistics, data base management, and economics. Prior to co-founding DeltaTide, Robert gained experience in the concrete, excavation, steel, and nuclear industries. His diverse background gives him the ability to effectively develop and integrate innovative technologies into products.

Robert is a multifaceted individual who loves saltwater fishing, backpacking with his wife (Michelle) and dog (Theodore), golfing, exercising (running, weight training, and basketball), brewing beer, and traveling the world. He faithfully serves those in need on the board of deacons at his local church. In his spare time, he enjoys reading about science, technology, business, and politics.

From Robert’s Desk:

“At DeltaTide, we believe that innovation fuels the economy. Continual improvements take businesses to the next level and, ultimately, make positive impacts on society. One of our core values is to never accept the status quo. The desire to explore, create, and strive for excellence is what has advanced mankind throughout history. We commit to continuing this quest and challenge you do the same. Together we can make a difference.”

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